Nose Right - A Review Exposing The Scam Site and Its Fake Reviews.

Nose Right, from claims to be a nose reshaper that can make your nose smaller in just 2 weeks. Many people bought had already bought the device only to discover that it even made their nose larger or deformed. This review will explore Nose Right's method of scamming people.

1. They are using FAKE before and after photos from Dr. Philip Miller.

Nose right uses fake before and after to lure people into buying their product. On their before and after page, they show pictures of women that Dr. Philip Miller operated on claiming that the changes was due to the use of Nose Right.

Below is the video of Dr. Philip Miller himself exposing Nose Right's Modus. At this point as of July 2012, Nose Right has already changed their website's before and after stealing from other surgeon's picture.


2. The Device causes permanent disfigurement, inflammation, infection, septal deviation and perforation.

The main reason why I made this honest review is that I myself used Nose Right for about 3 weeks and it caused a Strep infection at my nasal tubirnates and external nasal area that descended down to my upper pharynx. It made my cartilage shift and deviate to the left leading to permanent deformity, disfigurement and a 1cm hole on my nasal septum.

I consulted my Doctor and found out that the plastic they used are not properly sterlized and it harbors Group B Beta Hemolytic Streptococcus resistant to the usual antibiotics that causes my Upper airway infection and permanent deformity. Below is my photo during and post infection. I am showing my pictures to warn people and kindly forgive me for the gross picture below.

The point where the pus came out causes a severe eruption that totally destroyed and deformed my nasal cartilage on the left side of my nose. My nose right now is full of Scars inside as well as externally. I have a gaping hole at the septum the divides the left and right nostrils. I also have a permanent deep, ulce-like scar at my nose where the pus erupted.

Apparently after my Physician checked with the laboratory about the infection's portal of exit, the bacteria is not only on the surface of the white paddings of the device, but also on the inside and all over the plastic, making disinfection and sterilization impossible. The porous cheap rubber harbors thousands of colonies of the infectious bacterias inside and out.

3. I was not about to Sue because I was ashamed, Not until I discovered that they charged me 2,500 USD on my credit card.

Their fake site also phishes (steals) your credit card info. After I bought their product, Nose Right secretly charged me 2,500 USD. Nose Right will lure you on their cheap price of 11.95 USD so that you will input your credit card details. They will deliver the cheap, plastic device to make you think they are a real company but without your knowledge, they are secretly using your credit card for their own use.

I discovered it was Nose Right because my card was all new and it was the only time I used it. I also browse the internet for similar case and shockingly, I found an entire google search result page with cases similar to my experience. I just typed "Nose Right Credit Card" and look at the results below:

4. Nose Right is a fake copy of the original Japanese product called Nose Magic.

To my astonishment, A friend of mine told me that Nose Right is a cheap knock off of a Japanese product called Nose Magic from I researched more about it and found out that what they sell is a chinese knock off of the Japanese product.

I even saw a site called that gives a brief evaluation and comparative table about nose right, nose huggies and nose magic.

5. Nose Right has LOTS of fake/paid reviewers/bloggers

One of Nose Right's modus is to PAY people to blog/review for them in exchange of hundreds of dollars. They will pay popular bloggers and youtube reviewers to review their products even if the blogger did not used nose right itself. The company pays 300 USD or more for each positive review.

ALL YOUTUBE videos you see are FAKE and are made by actors and paid affiliate marketers. They also hire these people to give negative reviews to their competitors which are Nose Huggies, Nose Magic and Nasofix that is why most negative reviews on these products are from Nose Right itself. They even claimed Nose Magic is the fake one trying to reverse the reality.

One of their paid blogger was not paid as promised that is why she revealed this Modus. See video below.

The funny thing is that, Nose Right hired people to create youtube accounts to dislike this video that is why you see lots of dislikes. They manipulate Youtube and Google to make you think they are genuine. They also use lots of fake doctor pictures and actors to make you think their product is genuine.

CONCLUSION: Stay away from nose right and their company and never buy anything from them. Their fake device will:


And when you discovered you have been fooled you are thinking "I will sue Nose Right" and when you search their domain whois.... You will only discover that it is ANONYMOUS and HIDDEN.

And now your thinking, "I'll just go to their site to get their contacts and address" Well, I suggest you go to their contact page at to only discover that it contains NO COMPANY NAME, NO PHONE NUMBERS, NO ADDRESS AND NOT EVEN AN EMAIL.

No contact information indicates that the site is just a plain and simple SCAM. Read below by clicking the photo. You can also check the page itself to read more on how to spot Scam sites like Nose Right.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. and to the people behind Nose Right, May you eventually realize that you are not only scamming people money but you are also STEALING PEOPLES RIGHT TO LIVE WITH DIGNITY. After my ordeal, I barely have the confidence anymore to look at the people in front of me. I am so embarrassed and ashamed with my disfigurement. The psychological damage that I experienced will be forever, and this is the reason why I am fighting to keep people informed about this fake company.


John Green said...

Thank god for people like you who reveals scams like this. I was also scammed by nose right and My nose became bigger instead of smaller and I heard lots of horror stories but I did not blog about my experience and I really regret it. I hope the US Govt shutdown nose right soon.

Jennifer Ang said...

I feel sorry for you bro.... Did you sue nose right already? I heard of similar stories.

kiran(india) said...

thanks doc...well il give u a free tip..u can sue these ppl nd demand money for takin your credit

Anonymous said...

These frauds are surely terrible people. May they pay dear in this life or the NeXT. It sounds like a case for Interpol who can find these people. But please also use your brains folk. You cant do violence to a bodypart and expect the result to be pretty.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this I really wish the best for you

The Anti Scam Network said...

Thank you guys for support... as of the moment, we filed a case against the company but their address was a FRAUD and its not real. they are somehere in the U.S but everything was fake and we cannot find them. They still continue to sell their dangerous device as of the moment.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH! You just saved my life forever. I swear I was about to buy it ten minutes ago but I decided to do a little more re-search. I hope they find the people behind this and I wish you the best of luck. Thank you!

The Anti Scam Network said...

Yes @anonymous. The full name of the person that operates is GLORIA GRASMICK she already has a pending case and we already found their address. Apparently, its just a scam being run into her home. they do not have office. They also run another scam site called thanks for your comment

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